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New York Travel Festival: April 18-19

NY Travel Fest

A couple of years back I attended the first New York Travel Festival (NY Trav Fest). Check out my review featuring the highlights here.

The festival featured lots of different seminars and discussions in a much smaller setting than what you’d expect of a show like the NY Times Travel Show.

The NY Travel Festival had an impressive roster of travelers featured like Lee Abbamonte, Andrew Evans, Matt Kepnes and more. Continue reading New York Travel Festival: April 18-19

Highlights Of The New York Travel Festival

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I recently wrote about a new travel show that I would be attending on Saturday, April 20 called the New York Travel Festival.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the event. The festival’s goal was to reinvent the consumer travel show.

It turned out that the show was a big change from the NY Times show. The festival was much smaller and focused on seminars spread out over three floors of the beautiful Bohemian National Hall on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. There were also food tastings from the Hudson Valley as well as some excellent Mexican food to sample. Missing were table upon table of representatives from tourism boards and travel companies.

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Andrew Evans

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New York Travel Festival- April 20- 21, 2013

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I’ve attended the New York Times Travel Show a few times in the past. I usually go mainly to check out some of the seminars they feature but rarely find any useful information from the travel exhibitors at the show.

Check out my posts from the 2013 NY Travel Show here: Industry Day and Day 2.

I came across the New York Travel Festival around a month back and was debating whether or not to go. The festival’s goal is “to reinvent the consumer travel show seeking more interaction and a better sense of NYC and beyond”.

After reading a little more into the event, it sounded like it might be worth attending. The festival will feature various speakers, panels and other experiences. The show is a bit pricier than the Times show, but it also sounds like it will be a more worthwhile experience.

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