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America’s Oldest Restaurants

American restaurants
Buckhorn Exchange- since 1893

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Last month I wrote a post about America’s Oldest Bars which was based on by an article from Thrillist.

I recently came across another “America’s Oldest” article that was of great interest to me.

Restaurants aren’t always just a place to eat a decent meal. Some are quite old and historical. They might even offer a look back into the past. Kim and I have visited and dined at a few restaurants that fit this description. Continue reading America’s Oldest Restaurants

Can You Pass: Middle School US History Test

a flag of the united statesBack when I was in school I always excelled more in English & Social Studies than /Math & Science. I probably consider Social Studies/ History to be my favorite subjects.

While it’s been some time since I’ve been in school (even grad school for that matter), I’d still like to think that I’d do well with basic US history questions. Continue reading Can You Pass: Middle School US History Test

America’s Oldest Bars

a sign on a buildingBeer and history can both play a big role in determining what we do while we travel and discover a new place.

Many travel for beer to places like Germany and Belgium, while others might visit breweries around the country. I’ve done trips to Germany & Belgium primarily for beer and have also visited loads of breweries around the world.

When visiting a new place, unless you’re spending most of your time at the beach, there is a good chance that you will be visiting lots of historical sites. You might visit old towns, buildings, museums… Continue reading America’s Oldest Bars