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Sleep In An Airbnb Pub

Unique HotelsAirbnb has opened up the world to many new places to stay offering loads of unique options.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to spend a night in an airplane, castle, lighthouse, watchtower, windmill or even a celebrity’s home! One of the most interesting Airbnb stays that I’ve ever read about was a contest where you could win the right to stay at an Ikea showroom in Sydney, Australia.

How about spending a night in a pub? Continue reading Sleep In An Airbnb Pub

America’s Oldest Bars

a sign on a buildingBeer and history can both play a big role in determining what we do while we travel and discover a new place.

Many travel for beer to places like Germany and Belgium, while others might visit breweries around the country. I’ve done trips to Germany & Belgium primarily for beer and have also visited loads of breweries around the world.

When visiting a new place, unless you’re spending most of your time at the beach, there is a good chance that you will be visiting lots of historical sites. You might visit old towns, buildings, museums… Continue reading America’s Oldest Bars