America’s Oldest Restaurants

American restaurants
Buckhorn Exchange- since 1893

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Last month I wrote a post about America’s Oldest Bars which was based on by an article from Thrillist.

I recently came across another “America’s Oldest” article that was of great interest to me.

Restaurants aren’t always just a place to eat a decent meal. Some are quite old and historical. They might even offer a look back into the past. Kim and I have visited and dined at a few restaurants that fit this description.

Thrillist did some research and came up with a list of the Oldest Restaurants In Every State (and DC).

When they say oldest, they mean “the oldest continuously operating eateries”.

American restaurants
Old Ebbitt Grill- since 1856

When I first came across the article, I knew that I had been to at least one or two restaurants from this list. After going over it, it turned out that I had actually been to one more than I had originally thought.

Here are America’s Oldest Restaurants that I’ve been to:

  • Colorado: Buckhorn Exchange– 1893 (Read my post about it here)
  • D.C.: Old Ebbitt Grill- 1856 (I wrote about our visit in my post about America’s Oldest Bars)
  • Louisiana: Antoine’s- 1840 (Mentioned in my New Orleans Day 2 Recap)
American restaurants
Antoine’s Restaurant- since 1840

Some other notable old restaurants we’ve dined at:

  • Fraunces Tavern- NYC (National Historic Landmark with small museum upstairs. One of George Washington’s teeth is on display.)
  • Lombardi’s- NYC (Oldest pizzeria in the U.S.)
  • Papa’s Tomato Pies- Trenton, NJ (oldest family owned pizzeria in U.S.)
  • A bunch more…

Have you been to any old and/ or historical restaurants around the US? If so, let us know about your experience.

Find out about the oldest restaurants in every state (and DC) here.

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