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Act FAST: 15% Off Frontier Airlines Flights

Frontier Airlines Promo

For the past few weeks (maybe longer), there has been a Frontier Airlines promo offering a different percentage off of flights for a very limited time.

Last week the airline offered 20% Off, the week before 14% Off.

This time around Frontier Airlines is offering 15% Off flights but you’ll once again have to book quickly if you’d like to save. Continue reading Act FAST: 15% Off Frontier Airlines Flights

20% Off Frontier Airlines Flights

Frontier Airlines Promo

Last week I wrote about a Frontier Airlines promo where the airline was giving away up to 3 billion miles. The promo ends tonight (July 21, 2015 at 11:59 PM MT) so if you haven’t done so already, make sure to find out how to get your free miles here.

A few days after I wrote about Frontier’s miles giveaway, an offer came out for 14% off flights. Well now there is an even better offer… Continue reading 20% Off Frontier Airlines Flights

Frontier Giving Away 3 Billion Miles

Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines is celebrating NASA’s New Frontiers program and New Horizons mission (which will offer the first close-up photos of Pluto) by offering a special promo.

Since Pluto is 3 billion miles away, Frontier will be giving away up to 3 billion EarlyReturns miles! You could also (and more importantly) win one of three round-trip flights on the airline. Continue reading Frontier Giving Away 3 Billion Miles

Plane Stuck On Tarmac, Pilot Orders 38…

screen capture from NBC News clip

If I get delayed on the tarmac in the future, hopefully the pilot is as nice as this one…

A Frontier Airlines flight (which took off from Washington D.C.) got diverted to Cheyenne, Wyoming due to severe thunderstorms while on the way to Denver.

With a plane full of hungry passengers and no food left on the plane, what’s a pilot to do?  Continue reading Plane Stuck On Tarmac, Pilot Orders 38…

FAA Investigating Harlem Shakes On A Plane

image from google search

I’ve heard of Snakes on a Plane but never heard of anyone doing the Harlem Shake on a Plane until last night. (I actually hadn’t even heard of the Harlem Shake until I read this story and watched the video that goes along with it.)
During a Frontier Airlines flight heading to San Diego from Denver, members of the Colorado College Ultimate Frisbee team convinced the other passengers to join in and perform the viral dance the Harlem Shake.

The FAA is now investigating due to safety concerns being raised.

Members of the frisbee team said that they had permission from the flight crew to do the dance. Frontier said “all safety measures were followed and the seat belt sign was off at the time”.
Check out the video:

I don’t know about you, but I happen to think that the video is really funny. The FAA should lighten up although I could see this being a safety issue depending on the situation.

Thanks to the FAA, I got to hear all about this story and also learned what the most popular song is at the moment!