Passengers Got Sick On Flight, Cleveland Airport Shuts Water Fountains

cleveland airport
image: pixabay

A bunch of water fountains at the Cleveland Airport had to shut off on New Years Day.

These measures had to be taken after some passengers got sick on a Tampa- bound Frontier Airlines flight.

Passengers were kept on the plane for an hour and a half after it landed at Tampa International Airport. During this time, 6 passengers were removed by medical staff.

Yahoo News mentions that “according to a now-deleted Instagram post by passenger Sandra Palomino, travelers were awaiting clearance by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and were eventually deplaned at 4:30 PM EST.

A spokesperson for Tampa International Airport said that none of the passengers went to the hospital and everyone on the flight had left the airport by 5:00pm.

Cleveland Airport didn’t responded to Yahoo’s request for a comment but they did tell CNN that some water fountains in the airport were shut off as a precaution and the water would be tested.

There was no official statement regarding what was wrong with the sick passengers but one “healthy passenger Tiffany McKinney, said fellow travelers who fell ill “were coming out of nowhere. Just throwing up.”

Talk about a bizarre story.

Find out more from Yahoo here.

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