Woman Tantrums, Strips B4 Takeoff, Frontier Airlines Plane Returns to Gate

Frontier Airlines
image: youtube screen capture

A Frontier Airlines plane had to return to the gate before takeoff due to a pretty crazy reason.

According to Fox News, “a woman began acting erratically, forcing the aircraft to abandon its planned departure“. The situation took place on a Frontier Airlines plane that was set to fly from Denver to Portland, Oregon.

Another passenger recorded the female passenger throwing herself on the ground, kicking, screaming and trying to take her clothes off as the plane was getting ready to take off.

In the video, the woman is seen laying face-down, kicking and screaming. She was also banging her head on the cockpit door. When a crew member approaches, you can hear the woman ask “are we about to die… are we about to crash…

Devin Harman, the passenger who recorded the video said the woman’s “behavior was really erratic, up and down, crying and then laughing and then crying. Even before she got on the plane.” He stopped recording as the plane returned to the gate due to the woman beginning to take her clothes off.

Once the plane returned, she was escorted off of the plane by the Denver police. The plane then went on to Portland.

An aviation safety expert mentioned that if other passengers or airline staff notice strange behavior by another person before boarding, they should say something. That probably would’ve been a good idea and could’ve helped to avoid any delay.

Find out more from Fox News here.

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