Passenger Kicked Off Frontier Airlines Flight Due To Emotional Support Squirrel!

frontier airlinesEarlier in the year, airlines started implementing new rules regarding emotional support animalsUnited banned an emotional support peacock from flying and there’s also the story about Daniel, an emotional support duck!

While news of bizarre emotional support animals brought on planes are funny, it definitely appeared to be a bit out of control.

Recently, an emotional support squirrel got a woman booted off of a Frontier Airlines plane.

The woman had mentioned in her reservation that she’d bring an emotional support animal on the flight but failed to specify that it was a squirrel.

After refusing to get off of the Frontier Airlines plane in Orlando, the police were called. The airline had the rest of the passenger leave the plane, “so they could deal with the woman,” according to the New York Post.

Police eventually removed the woman from the plane but it wasn’t known if she’d face charges. A video from Twitter and included in the New York Post article shows the woman being taken off of the plane in a wheelchair. As passengers cheer, she gives the middle finger!

In the end, the emotional support squirrel caused the Frontier Airlines flight to take off two hours late.

Find out more from the New York Post here.


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