Passenger Kicked Off Frontier Airlines Due To Squirrel, Suing & “Going For Blood”

Frontier AirlinesA woman recently kicked off of a Frontier Airlines flight due to her emotional support squirrel claims that she is “going for blood”.

Cindy Torok says that she is taking legal action since she wasn’t allowed to fly with her pet squirrel! She now plans to contact an attorney.

Torok says that she had a doctor’s note and her daughter even reached out to Frontier Airlines to make sure that Daisy the squirrel could fly. Her other line of defense is that she made it past TSA checkpoints with Daisy. The thing is that the TSA says that each airline deicides which kind of emotional support animals are acceptable onboard.

Frontier says that Torok only mentioned that she’d be bringing along an emotional support animal but didn’t specify what kind of animal it would be. The airline does not allow rodents to fly…

Torok’s refusal to deplane caused a two hour delay and the police were called to have her removed.

Frontier Airlines did refund her money and give her a voucher for a future flight. This wasn’t enough to make Torok happy. I’m surprised the airline gave her anything. For her refusal to comply with the airline’s rules, she’s lucky that she didn’t get arrested!

Find out more from Fox News here.


3 thoughts on “Passenger Kicked Off Frontier Airlines Due To Squirrel, Suing & “Going For Blood”

  1. Matthew- LOL

    Steve- People have gone way too far with emotional support animals. I’m glad that many airlines are changing the rules, making it harder to scam the system.

  2. This emotional support argument is actually a lot of crap for a number of reasons. These people are using “emotional support animal” to NOT pay the pet charges by the airlines. They pushing the zone of reasonableness by trying to bring everything on board including peacocks and other non-domestic pets. Emotional support animals is not an ADA requirement. Somehow, the FAA has shown an interest in the concept without setting any reasonable limits or boundaries. These non-certified and untrained animals have pooped inside aircraft and even attached passengers. There was a man on a Delta flight that had his face mauled by a 75 dog sitting on the lap of the passenger next to him. An uncontained 75 pound dog turns into a 75 pound projectile during an emergency landing or even hard braking.

    Squirrels are likely to have rabies. Has this squirrel been tested for rabies? You can’t test a squirrel for rabies without killing it to examine its brain so the answer to that question is NO. What happens when this squirrel escapes its owner on the flight and is running through the plane. Do remember the movie Christmas Vacation when the Christmas tree that Clark brought into the house had a squirrel in it?

    Airlines need to get control of this whole thing by:
    Limiting the pet to a dog or a cat,
    Limiting the weight to not exceed 10 pounds,
    Require for the safety of all passengers that his animal be contained at all times,
    Require a doctor’s certification within 90 days before flight and reviewed by the airline and
    Require proof of training as an emotional support animal to be reviewed by the airline.

    I think that I’m going to leave my emotional support gorilla at home.

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