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Free Uber Airport Rides, Up To $130 Off- Problem Resolved

a man and woman in a car

Yesterday Uber NYC e-mailed an incredible offer with a holiday gift from American Express.

The gift allowed for two free rides, up to $65 which originated from a select group of airports, including all three in the NYC area.

When I went to enter the promo code, I thought it was accepted and then thought nothing more about it until the evening. Continue reading Free Uber Airport Rides, Up To $130 Off- Problem Resolved

Uber: I Get It, Kind Of…


I’ve always been a fan of Uber for the strange promotions that they run (delivering kittens, Christmas Trees, air conditioners, they’ll even bring you lunch!) and not so much for the actual core service that they provide, giving you a ride…

Maybe it isn’t fair to judge a service that you don’t use all too much, I’d rather take public transportation. But, when you hear about the horrors of surge pricing, it defintely leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

I also had a negative experience during my first time using the service. However, Uber did make good by following up on a survey I completed and then refunded me $24.

A couple of weeks back I surprisingly used Uber two times in one day. Continue reading Uber: I Get It, Kind Of…