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What Did We Try At McDonald’s Korea?

mcdonald's korea

During our trip to South Koreawe arrived late in Seoul tired and hungry. While I would’ve liked to have had some local food, Kim and I decided that we needed to be quick and play it safe for our first meal. In the process we’d still get to check off something we do when visiting a new country.

There was a McDonald’s across the street from our guesthouse so it was a good time to check out what local menu items might be available. Lucas would be happy to visit to get a toy! Win, win! Continue reading What Did We Try At McDonald’s Korea?

Jollibee, A Fun Food Rec from Anthony Bourdain

Anthony BourdainOver the years I’ve tried many restaurants based on recommendations from food and travel TV shows. Restaurants discovered this way can definitely be hit or miss.

A month or so back I was watching Anthony Bourdain’s Manila episode of his show, Parts Unknown which airs on CNN.

Lots of interesting food was eaten during the episode but I have to admit that I was most interested in trying out a Filipino fast food restaurant that I had heard about a few years back.

Jollibee is a popular fast food chain located in various countries around the world and they just happen to have a location close to home! Continue reading Jollibee, A Fun Food Rec from Anthony Bourdain