Jollibee To Open First Brooklyn Location!

JollibeeBack in 2016, we first tried the popular Filipino fast food restaurant Jollibee. Since then, its been a fast food favorite of ours.

After our first visit, a location opened in New York City offering a more limited menu. On the way to the NY Times Travel Show, Lucas and I stopped in to enjoy a meal of Chickenjoy and Jolly Spaghetti.

We’ve been back to the Queens location a bunch of times and have also stopped by a location in Jersey City where we tried their excellent chicken sandwich.

A couple of summers back, Jollibee opened their Times Square flagship location. Here’s some more great news for those of you in the New York City area.

Jollibeet will be opening their first location in Brooklyn, Queens!

Eater reports that, the chain will open in September at 5212 Kings Highway, at East 52nd Street

I actually pass this upcoming Jollibee location on the way to and from work just about everyday. I first saw signage for this location back in late March/ early April.

No exact opening date has been set but I look forward to checking it out when it opens!

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