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World’s Most Exotic Rental Cars

a black sports car parked in front of a stone building
Bugatti Veyron- $26,470 per day

I wouldn’t conisder myself a car guy and am not one to go out for a joyride to pass the time. When traveling, I much prefer to use public transportation to get around rather than rent a car. However, for some trips there aren’t many options. If you want to see lots of places in a short amount of time (like on one of our recent trips), sometimes renting a car is your best option.

When it comes to renting a car, I just about always go with the cheapest car I can find. But with Lucas (and his car seat) to consider, sometimes that strategy doesn’t exactly work anymore.

Travel + Leisure came up with a fun slide show for all of you car lovers out there.

The topicWorld’s Most Exotic Rentals.

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