The Sweetest Ending To A Flight

a heart shaped chocolate candy
Air Berlin Chocolate Heart

During our trip Back to The Balkans we flew with Air Berlin to get to/ from our destinations. Over the past couple of years we’ve flown with the airline a few times, finding award availability using our American Airlines AAdvantage miles.

If Air Berlin wasn’t a member of oneworld (making it a partner of AA) our summer trip to the Balkans and last years trip to Germany for Oktoberfest may have not even happened.

The thing about Air Berlin is that we’ve found the seats on their planes (in coach) to be some of the most uncomfortable for international flights. Otherwise, their in-flight entertainment system is pretty good and the food has been decent enough.

Even though we’ve found their seats to be uncomfortable, it doesn’t mean that we won’t fly with them again in the future. When it comes to booking flights for a family of 3 using our miles, we’re happy to be able to get to where we want to go!

a child holding a heart shaped candy
I can’t wait to open this!

Air Berlin’s seats within Europe (shocking as it sounds) seem to be much more comfortable than on long haul flights.

Another area where Air Berlin hits the mark on flights within Europe is the small gift that they give to passengers at the end of the flight.

Upon departing, flight attendants hold a basket with a tasty gift for passengers to take as they say goodbye.

The baskets are filled with incredibly tasty heart-shaped chocolates wrapped in an attractive red wrapper. For Lucas and I, this has been a great way to end a flight while flying Air Berlin.

a chocolate heart on a foil

The chocolates are made by Rausch a German chocolate company which produces single origin chocolates. This means that the chocolate is not a mixture of varieties, they are from single estates from around the world.

Air Berlin’s Rausch chocolate hearts are made from cocoa beans from Papua New Guinea.

a young boy sitting in a highchair
Hard at work
a child holding a chocolate heart

I managed to grab a couple of extra Air Berlin chocolate hearts and saved them for when we got home. Lucas has been asking me if he could have them for over a week now so I figured I better write this post before he gets his hands on them!

a child sitting in a high chair eating chocolate
Chocolate makes me happy!

I’m not usually a milk chocolate fan but the Air Berlin Rausch hearts happen to taste amazing. As you can see from the photo above, Lucas totally loves them too!

While I don’t find Air Berlin to be the most comfortable airline, I do think they’ve managed to become the airline which has the sweetest ending to a flight!

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4 thoughts on “The Sweetest Ending To A Flight

  1. I just flew Air Berlin (courtesy of AA miles) for the first time. While I agree with you that the seats are the most uncomfortable of any international flight in coach, I don’t share the same enthusiasm for the chocolates. Nor do I appreciate their entertaintment system and food choices. I much rather prefer flying Turkish to Europe which is much superior airline to Air Berlin and shabby Tegel airport. TK’s Istanbul lounge alone makes your heart skip a bit.

    1. Yana- Everyone has their own thoughts and preferences when it comes to things like chocolate, entertainment systems, food and just about anything else in life.

      We flew Turkish to Turkey around 4 years back and I can’t say that the flight stood out to me either way. We didn’t have lounge access so I can’t comment on that either.

      On that note, I think I’ll have my last Rauch chocolate heart. Oh wait, its after 9p, I’ll wait until tomorrow to share it with Lucas!

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