Update: More Camel Products

Al Nassma 

A while back I wondered if any of you have tried camel food products?

Some things I came across during our trip to the Mid- East Gulf States were various flavors of camel milk, camel tenderloin and camel burgers. I kind of regret not having had the chance to try any of these items.

After I wrote the post, I remembered that there was one important item that we came across on a bunch of occasions (especially in airports) that I left out.

There are camel milk chocolates from a company called Al Nassma. The company was founded in Dubai in 2008 and their products are sold in various places around the world. I was really interested in trying out these chocolates but they happened to be quite expensive so I didn’t bother. I’d share the price but to be honest, I forget at this point!

However, I did take some photos of the chocolates available for purchase.
a shelf with boxes of chocolate

There are flavored chocolate bars like:

a hand holding a chocolate bar

Macadamia Orange
a hand holding a chocolate bar

Cocoa 70%

a gold camel in a plastic case

And my favorite item- the Camel Hollow Figures.

I went over to Al Nassma’s site and saw a few other products for sale.

  • Camel Caravan- Macadamia Nut  Honey-Cream- 18 small camel chocolates that come in a “wooden casket”.
  • Pralines in a few flavors
  • More chocolate bar flavors like chocolate with dates, with spices arabia & whole milk

Have you tried Al Nassma Camel Milk Chocolates? I’m curious to find out how they taste.

Find out more about Al Nassma here.

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2 thoughts on “Update: More Camel Products

  1. I bought a few of the milk chocolate bars and one with some type of spice last year in Dubai. They were horrible. Like the little foil wrapped dollar store Easter/Christmas chocolates. I love chocolate. I couldn’t finish one of the bars.

    And I concur that the prices of the truffles were so ridiculous that I didn’t even consider buying them. And I’m someone who has no problem splurging a bit – I just thought they were off their rockers on those.

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