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Update: More Camel Products

Al Nassma 

A while back I wondered if any of you have tried camel food products?

Some things I came across during our trip to the Mid- East Gulf States were various flavors of camel milk, camel tenderloin and camel burgers. I kind of regret not having had the chance to try any of these items.

After I wrote the post, I remembered that there was one important item that we came across on a bunch of occasions (especially in airports) that I left out. Continue reading Update: More Camel Products

Have You Tried Any Camel Food Products?

camel food

Even though I consider myself to be a picky eater I still like to try new things, especially when visiting new places.

I’ve enjoyed zebra and just about any type of gazelle served in Africa, had a hard time swallowing a fat-ass ant in Colombia, enjoyed stuffed pigeon in Egypt and then there was the time I tried cuy (guinea pig) in Peru. Find out the 6 Oddest Foods That I’ve Ever Tried.

On our most recent trip to the Middle East Gulf States, there were a few items that I came across that I would’ve liked to have tried which come from a local animal. Continue reading Have You Tried Any Camel Food Products?