Lucas Tests Out New Southwest Lie-Flat Seat

Lucas was exhausted after having to get up early for our flight from New York to Denver forĀ BAcon.
Lucky for him, he ended up sleeping in a little bit of luxury during our journey.

Lucas got to try out the new Southwest- First Class, lie- flat seats…
OK, so maybe it wasn’t first class but Lucas sure did get to lie flat!

We were lucky to have the middle seat open since our flight was not fully booked. Another benefit of flying with a baby is that most people will not willingly choose to sit next to us (we take no offense what- soever)!
Lucas got tired and fell asleep on us a couple of times during the flight. We had a great idea- why not try to put Lucas down for his nap on the empty seat?
To our surprise, Lucas stayed asleep both times that we put him down in his new “lie- flat” seat.

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