Lucas Loves Cowboy Music, Thanks BAcon

a group of people playing instruments
Lucas enjoying the tunes

During our visit to Colorado for the Boarding Area Conference (BAcon) a couple of weeks back, we had a fun night out thanks to Randy Petersen and the BA team. The plans were a surprise, with the location revealed to us just before the event.

The Saturday night festivities took place in an old recording studio (the name escapes me) which looked like a old auto garage or something along those lines.

The event featured live music from an authentic cowboy band-  Flying W Wranglers and really tasty barbecue from Rudy’s.

Everyone seemed to love the BBQ but the band was the main attraction. According to their website, The Wranglers have been around for 54 years, making them the second oldest western singing group.

a group of children sitting in chairs
Lucas taking his seat
a group of children sitting in chairs
Little C & Lucas

Lucas really loves music. His usual playlist includes Yo Gabba Gabba or The Fresh Beat Band. I didn’t realize that he loved cowboy music too!

During the show he could barely take his eyes off the stage. For nearly all of the performance he stood in the front clapping or sat in the first row (which is pretty impressive considering it was well past his bedtime).

Lucas also had a lot of fun chasing after Summer’s (Mommy Points) daughter Little C.
While Little C was dancing, Lucas was usually near by trying to join in.

Lucas also busted some moves of his own during the performance.
Check out a short clip:

a child watching a group of musicians on stage
a man holding a baby

It might be time to add some cowboy music to Lucas’ playlist!

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