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Video: Feeling the Music on Megabus

a cartoon of a man in a yellow shirt

Last week I wrote  about my Quick Trip to Philly. I rode Megabus for the first time in a couple of years. (Check out what I did during the trip: Day 1 & Day 2.)

While on the bus to Philadelphia, my brother and I decided to sit on the upper level of the double-decker bus. We sat right by the stairs so we could get off quickly when we arrived at our destination. However, we started to debate if we chose a good place to sit soon after the bus started moving.

a blue double decker bus

Just as we were getting comfortable, loud music started playing on the bus. I turned around and saw a guy listening to (blasting) music.The funny thing was that he was using headphones!

We were sitting 4-5 rows in front of him but we could still hear his music loud and clear.
I can only imagine how this guy will do on future hearing tests!

At first the loud music was irritating, annoying and a nuisance. But then we started feeling the music. We figured why not embrace what you can not control. We went back to relaxing but then my brother woke up dancing to the beats!

Check out the video below:

Disclaimer: The music heard in the video was really coming from a guy’s headphones a few rows behind us on the bus. The dance video was a joke made to make light of the situation. It was an impromptu joke, not planned in advance.

This video was taken with an iPhone.

A Nice Thank You Video From Priority Club

a blue and white card with text

Priority Club sent out an e-mail “extending a world of thanks” to their members.

According to Priority Club:

There are a million ways to say “thank you”. Priority Club Rewards extends them all to our members. 

The video was actually really well done. It’s a cartoon of places all over the world with people saying thank you in their native language. It has a catchy tune to go along with it and kept my attention for the full minute +. 

Here is the video:

I’d be more thankful to Priority Club if they would come out with better PointBreaks offerings in the future.  

PointBreaks award bookings are available for 5,000 points per night at select locations for limited times. If you can find a room in a location you are interested in visiting, it can be a real bargain.

On that note, I’d like to thank all of my readers for their support. 

Happy travels for the upcoming year!

UPDATE: Priority Club- Earn 1,000 Points for 90-Second Video- Codes Still Working

I wrote about the Priority Club- Earn 1,000 Points for 90-Second Video offer a few days ago.

I was worried that these codes would stop working but as of yesterday, they are still working just fine. I have some codes left with more on the way!
(IHG had sent me a message through Twitter saying how these codes were for hotel guests and my codes had been deactivated)

After watching the video, I received an 80,000 points bonus offer to sign up for the
Chase Priority Club Visa Card. I signed up for the card last year so I didn’t take them up on the offer again as I figure I won’t receive the bonus a second time. I used a code for my wife and planned to sign her up for the card but she only received a 60,000 point offer…
This definitely surprised me. Had Chase decided to lower the offer so quickly???

I had a feeling the answer was no so I used another code with my account number (no I did not get another 1,000 point bonus) and after the video ended, what do you know- I had the 80,000 point credit card sign up offer again.

I am guessing the offers differ due to the fact that I am Priority Club Platinum, my wife is not. I took a gamble and signed her up for my 80,000 point offer. Hopefully they give her the full amount and not the 60,000 points!

Priority Club- Earn 1,000 Points For 90-Second Video


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Priority Club is giving out vouchers to guests when checking-in to earn 1,000 points for watching a 90 second video. Ed B. is a night auditor at a Holiday Inn  in New Mexico and was kind enough to give me a bunch of codes to give out to readers of my blog!

a group of blue cards
After watching the video, I received a 80,000 mile bonus offer to sign up for the Chase Priority Club Visa card. This is the best offer I’ve seen for this card. Last year I signed up for a 60,000 mile offer.

If you would like a code, either e-mail me at or leave a comment at the bottom of this post.

UPDATE- Since I received the 80,000 mile credit card sign up offer it looks to have been changed to a 60,000 offer.