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Win $500 + 4 Round-Trip Tickets from Megabus

Megabus Promo

In the past Kim and I have found Megabus and other similar bus companies to be a good option to get to places just a few hours away. One time we even took a really long overnight ride from NYC to Toronto.

From time to time Megabus offers free tickets where all you have to pay is a .50¢ service fee. Check out a review of the last time I took Megabus back in 2013.

Megabus is currently running a contest (which ends in just a few days) where one lucky winner will win four roundtrip tickets and $500 cash! Continue reading Win $500 + 4 Round-Trip Tickets from Megabus

Video: Feeling the Music on Megabus

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Last week I wrote  about my Quick Trip to Philly. I rode Megabus for the first time in a couple of years. (Check out what I did during the trip: Day 1 & Day 2.)

While on the bus to Philadelphia, my brother and I decided to sit on the upper level of the double-decker bus. We sat right by the stairs so we could get off quickly when we arrived at our destination. However, we started to debate if we chose a good place to sit soon after the bus started moving.

a blue double decker bus

Just as we were getting comfortable, loud music started playing on the bus. I turned around and saw a guy listening to (blasting) music.The funny thing was that he was using headphones!

We were sitting 4-5 rows in front of him but we could still hear his music loud and clear.
I can only imagine how this guy will do on future hearing tests!

At first the loud music was irritating, annoying and a nuisance. But then we started feeling the music. We figured why not embrace what you can not control. We went back to relaxing but then my brother woke up dancing to the beats!

Check out the video below:

Disclaimer: The music heard in the video was really coming from a guy’s headphones a few rows behind us on the bus. The dance video was a joke made to make light of the situation. It was an impromptu joke, not planned in advance.

This video was taken with an iPhone.

Ridiculous Street Signs #10: Watch For Gate Arm: Philadelphia

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While walking to the Megabus stop to catch our ride back to NY (from our Quick Trip to Philly), my brother and I walked through a parking lot to save a little time. As we were approaching the exit a sign caught my eye. My brother kept going and probably didn’t even notice that I had stopped for a moment.

I had to think fast. I thought for a moment whether or not this sign was worth taking a photo of.

Continue reading Ridiculous Street Signs #10: Watch For Gate Arm: Philadelphia