Priority Club- Earn 1,000 Points For 90-Second Video


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Priority Club is giving out vouchers to guests when checking-in to earn 1,000 points for watching a 90 second video. Ed B. is a night auditor at a Holiday Inn  in New Mexico and was kind enough to give me a bunch of codes to give out to readers of my blog!

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After watching the video, I received a 80,000 mile bonus offer to sign up for the Chase Priority Club Visa card. This is the best offer I’ve seen for this card. Last year I signed up for a 60,000 mile offer.

If you would like a code, either e-mail me at or leave a comment at the bottom of this post.

UPDATE- Since I received the 80,000 mile credit card sign up offer it looks to have been changed to a 60,000 offer.

16 thoughts on “Priority Club- Earn 1,000 Points For 90-Second Video

  1. We have been staying in quite a few hotels owned by Holiday Inn all over the world and are members of the rewards program. Our last stay brought our total up to 22,530 points. We do not have the code to earn the extra 1000 points from our last 2 visits and are booked for this upcoming week for a 4 day stay. Would love the code if you have it.
    Thanks so much~

  2. I would appricaite the code for extra points they help me to travel with my children and save money.Thank you Michael
    Have a great day

  3. Thanks Michael,

    The code you emailed me worked great. My account showed the 1000 points right after the video finished. Couldn’t be easier.

  4. Merry Christmas, thanks for the xmas gift – the code, it was very easy to do and got the points posted instantly!

  5. Michael: thanks to your providing the codes, my “better half” and I both received 1000 points. Thanks very much. Really enjoy your blog!

  6. Just received a code and worked like a charm, thank you very much! Beats the 50 points I get each day checking in using Foursquare.

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