UPDATE: Priority Club- Earn 1,000 Points for 90-Second Video- Codes Still Working

I wrote about the Priority Club- Earn 1,000 Points for 90-Second Video offer a few days ago.

I was worried that these codes would stop working but as of yesterday, they are still working just fine. I have some codes left with more on the way!
(IHG had sent me a message through Twitter saying how these codes were for hotel guests and my codes had been deactivated)

After watching the video, I received an 80,000 points bonus offer to sign up for the
Chase Priority Club Visa Card. I signed up for the card last year so I didn’t take them up on the offer again as I figure I won’t receive the bonus a second time. I used a code for my wife and planned to sign her up for the card but she only received a 60,000 point offer…
This definitely surprised me. Had Chase decided to lower the offer so quickly???

I had a feeling the answer was no so I used another code with my account number (no I did not get another 1,000 point bonus) and after the video ended, what do you know- I had the 80,000 point credit card sign up offer again.

I am guessing the offers differ due to the fact that I am Priority Club Platinum, my wife is not. I took a gamble and signed her up for my 80,000 point offer. Hopefully they give her the full amount and not the 60,000 points!

12 thoughts on “UPDATE: Priority Club- Earn 1,000 Points for 90-Second Video- Codes Still Working

  1. Hi Michael, thanks for being my Santa Claus this year! I got the 1000 points thanks for the code! Happy Holiday! Cheers!

  2. Merry Christmas, thanks for the xmas gift – the code, it was very easy to do and got the points posted instantly! I just did it a couple mins ago, so it is still working atm, and I also got the 80k points cc offer and I’m not a platinum member or anything.

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