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Earn Up To 2400 Southwest Points With Alamo

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Here is an offer to earn some valuable Southwest points and save up to 30% on a car rental with Alamo. I wrote about how impressed we were with Southwest a few months back which you can read about here.

For booking a car rental with Alamo from the Southwest site you will earn up to 2,400 points.

Rent For:

  • One day= earn 600 points
  • Two to Three days= earn 1200 points
  • Four to Six days= earn 1800 points
  • Seven or more days= earn 2400 points
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Some Rules:

  • Save up to 30% off (or receive the best available rate) by renting any vehicle from Alamo by June 15
  • Make your reservation 24 hours in advance
  • This offer can not be combined with another
  • Drivers under 25 may have to pay a higher rate
  • Flight is not required to earn points

To book a car with Alamo and earn points with Southwest click here or go to the car tab on and enter 7016128 in the Corporate ID field.

Earn Southwest Points With A New Mortgage

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Since flying Southwest at the end of December, I’ve written about being a big fan
They also offer a really cool perk for kids, although it may be very hard to find.

I find Southwest points to be extremely valuable due to having Companion Pass status. This allows Kim to fly for free on any flight that I book using cash or points.
Companion Pass status is reached by earning 110,000 points in a year. I earned it by getting the Southwest Airlines Personal and Business credit cards. Each card came with a bonus of 50,000 miles after a minimum amount of spend. I earned the rest of the points needed by just using the credit cards to pay various bills.

Here is a way to earn some valuable Southwest Rapid Rewards Points by getting a new mortgage with Chase.
You can earn:

Mortgage Loan Amount   Rapid Reward Points:
up to $249,999                       12,500 points
$250,000- $500,000               25,000 points
$500,001 & higher                  50,000 points
**Plus get 2,500 bonus points with a Chase mortgage on a new home purchase

The 2,500 bonus points are only available for new closed purchase mortgages for one to four family properties with residential mortgages.

Applications must be submitted by 4/21/13 to earn the bonus

Find out more details about this offer HERE

(Check for some credit card offers by clicking through my affiliate link at the top of the blog. If you are approved for a card through my link, I will receive a commission)

A Nice Gesture From Southwest Airlines

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We took our first flights with Southwest Airlines in December 2012 and I’ve been a fan ever since.

Southwest seems to run a really efficient operation and offer some nice perks like 2 free checked bags at no extra cost. I also loved the friendly vibe that we felt from pretty much all of the Southwest employees.

Another thing that stood out with Southwest was that they seem to go that extra step to do some little things right. The first of those things was a nice, little perk that they offer to kids. 

Southwest sent me something else that stood out in mid- December.

a card with autographed text

Towards the end of the month, I received an envelope from Southwest. I figured that it was a statement with my account balance or something of that sort. To my surprise, the airline had sent me a birthday card! 

The card from Southwest said:

We appreciate having great Members like you in the Rapid Rewards family and hope you are enjoying the many benefits of your Membership. Warm wishes for a great birthday!-From all of us at Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards

I know that a birthday card isn’t much but I appreciate the thought. I really would’ve appreciated some Rapid Reward points as a gift! 

I give Southwest a lot of credit for going that extra mile to make their members feel special. Good job to Southwest Airlines, you’ve once again made us fans of your airline. 

Many other airlines and businesses for that matter could learn a little from your kind and welcoming ways!

A Really Cool Perk For Kids from Southwest Airlines

A couple of months back Kim sent me an e-mail with a link to an article called Flights of Antsy which was posted online at DailyCandy. The article was about airline carriers that offer the best kid- friendly perks.
One perk on this list caught my attention. It was something offered by Southwest Airlines. However, the article was pretty old (from December 2007) so I didn’t know if the perk mentioned was still offered by Southwest.
Since Kim, Lucas and I were going to be flying Southwest Airlines on our trip to Louisville & Nashville, I had to look into it.
a child in a black jacket
Daily Candy had mentioned:

If it’s your child’s inaugural ride on Southwest Airlines, you can arrange for a First Time Flying Certificate. Or see if the pilot will give a cockpit tour before your plane takes off.

a child looking out a window at an airplane
Admiring the view

I would’ve been interested in finding out about a cockpit tour if Lucas was a bit older but this time around I didn’t bother asking about this option.

The perk I was really interested in getting for Lucas was the First Time Flying Certificate.
This wasn’t going to be Lucas’ first time flying. He’s had a very busy first year, but it was going to be his first time flying Southwest! (It was Kim and my first time too.)

I called up Southwest and asked about the certificate a couple of times. Each time the rep knew nothing about it. I figured that I’d wait to ask around at the airport.

When we arrived at LaGuardia Airport I headed over to the Southwest counter to get Lucas’ boarding ticket and check our bag. After sorting out these things I asked the agent if he knew about a First Time Flying Certificate for kids. He wasn’t sure about it and suggested that I ask a flight attendant while on our flight.

About half way through the first segment of our flight to Louisville I asked a flight attendant about the certificate. She happily responded yes that she knew about it and said she would check the back of the plane for me in a moment. She came back later on and said that they were out of certificates. Talk about disappointment. She did offer me a little coloring book and some wings for Lucas though.
(Probably not ideal toys for an 11.5 month old but a nice gesture & option for older kids.)

a plastic wrap with a cartoon character on it
Coloring Book, Crayon & Wings
a heart with wings and text on a green surface
Southwest Wings
When we landed in St. Louis I asked a gate agent about the certificate. He looked in a few cabinets and had no success finding one for us. My next chance at the certificate was on the flight from St. Louis to Louisville. The flight attendant knew about the certificate and looked in the front and back of the plane, asked other flight attendants if they had seen one and came up empty handed.
I was starting to wonder if these certificates existed anymore.They seemed to be the unicorn of Southwest Airlines!
While heading home from Nashville, I had to get a gate-tag for our stroller from one of the gate agents. I decided to ask her about the First Time Flyer Certificate. She looked all over and could not find one. She then called a supervisor at another part of the airport. She told me if they had one, they would bring it to me. She also mentioned that they seem to be cutting back on these kind of things. I appreciated her effort but once again there was no certificate to be had.
a certificate of flight registration
The Prized Certificate

I was now down to my last chances to try to find Lucas a certificate. Our first segment back to New York was from Nashville to Chicago. This time I struck gold. Within minutes of asking about the certificate, the flight attendant came back with one. She filled it out with Lucas’ name, dated it and signed the name of the three flight attendants on board.

Although the date of Lucas’ first Southwest flight is incorrect, I was successful in getting him a really cool souvenir! We plan on framing and hanging the certificate in Lucas’ room very soon.

It’s too bad that Southwest is cutting back on offering this kind of unique perk for kids. I can’t imagine that it will save them much money. I’d think that the memories and goodwill that it creates would outweigh the pennies each certificate costs to print.

If you know of any kid- friendly perks offered by other airlines, I’d love to hear about them. Maybe I can take advantage of some when Lucas flies again in the future!

Check out the DailyCandy article Flights of Antsy HERE

Earn Up to 12,000 Southwest Rapid Rewards Points with Marriott GiftCards

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If you are looking for a way to add Rapid Rewards Points to your Southwest account you can do so by purchasing Marriott gift cards. 

Now through November 30, 2012 you can earn up to 12,000 Rapid Rewards Points.


  • $100 Marriott Gift Card, earn 1,200 Rapid Rewards Points
  • $250 Marriott Gift Card, earn 3,000 Rapid Rewards Points
  • $500 Marriott Gift Card, earn 6,000 Rapid Rewards Points

Marriott GiftCards do not expire 
Gift cards can be used on all purchases and services charged to a Marriott guest room. 
Marriott GiftCards can be used at over 3,700 locations worldwide

GiftCards can be used at participating locations including JW Marriott, EDITION, Autograph Collection, Renaissance Hotels, Marriott Hotels & Resorts, Courtyard by Marriott, AC Hotels by Marriott, Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott, SpringHill Suites by Marriott, Residence Inn by Marriott, TownePlace Suites by Marriott, and Marriott Vacation Club

*This is an online promotion only*
To purchase Marriott GiftCards that earn a Southwest Airlines bonus Click HERE

Enter For A Chance To Win A Year of Free Travel

a close-up of an advertisement
DeJa Blue and Southwest Airlines are running the “Take Refreshments To New Heights” sweepstakes.
The prizes are pretty impressive. You can win a grand prize of 24 round trip flight vouchers on Southwest or gift cards of various values.
The Prizes: 
  • Grand Prize (1): Twenty-four Southwest Airlines round trip travel vouchers
  • First Prize (10): SouthwestGiftCard with value of $500
  • Second Prize (75): SouthwestGiftCard with value of $250
  • Third Prize (100): SouthwestGiftCard with value of $100
Some Rules:
  • Open to residents of the 50 United States & D.C.
  • Must be 18 years of age or older when entering
  • You can enter the sweepstakes one time per day
Sweepstakes ends November, 30 2012 
Enter for your chance to win one of these great prizes HERE

Southwest Airlines Sweepstakes- Enter to Win A New Mexico Getaway

a hotel near a lake
Southwest Airlines Spirit Magazine is running a sweepstakes giving away a trip to New Mexico. It takes about one minute to enter so it’s definitely worth a shot!

The Prize:
  • Two Tickets on Southwest Airlines
  • Two Night Stay for Two at Inn of the Mountain Gods
  • Dinner at Wendell’s Steak & Seafood Restaurant
  • $50 Resort Credit
  • $25 in Spirit Play for Two
a black and white image of a musical note

Approximate value of prize is $1,500 (a 1099 will be issued for tax purposes)

Must be at least 21 years old to enter
Sweepstakes ends midnight on June 30, 2012
Enter the sweepstakes HERE

New TV Series: On The Fly- A Behind the Scenes Look Into Southwest Airlines

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About a month ago I wrote about a new reality show called Miami Airport: Total Access.
I look forward to watching the show and am still waiting to find out when that show will air.

A couple of days ago I received an e-mail from a reader of the blog telling me about another reality show called On The Fly which will air on TLC.
On The Fly is a show that will give viewers a behind the scenes look at Southwest Airlines.
A little about the show from TLC:
On the Fly gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the large-scale operations and personal customer stories at Southwest Airlines.

Each episode introduces viewers to Southwest Airlines employees who must think on their feet as they cope with weather delays, irate passengers, and more surprising situations.
On the Fly offers a look at the dramatic and uplifting moments that occur while flying the largest domestic airline in the U.S.

The show sounds very interesting and based on the preview clips it will be full of drama. I definitely plan to tune in and check out.

On The Fly Premieres on May 24 on TLC.
Find out more about the show HERE

First Credit Card of 2012- Chase Southwest Airlines- 50,000 Points Sign Up Bonus

In 2011 I earned an amazing 775,000 miles from credit card sign up bonuses. I detailed how I did this in a post on 1/3/12. (you can check it out here)

I’ve been thinking a lot about my 2012 strategy for credit cards applications. My plan is to only apply for cards offering a bonus of 50,000 miles/ points or more.
Hopefully there will be some huge, killer offers like the last couple of years. Somebody has to come out with a new 75-100K offer at some point. (or at least I really hope so)

a card on a beach

To start off 2012 I decided to apply for the Chase Southwest Airlines Premier Card.
You can currently earn 50,000 bonus points after first purchase. That’s enough points for 2 free flights and worth the $99 membership fee in my opinion. If you decide to keep the card a second year, you receive 6,000 more bonus points which can be redeemed for a $100 “wanna get away fare” which covers the $99 fee.

I currently have 3 Chase credit cards so I did not think that I’d get instant approval for the Southwest card. I was planning to call Chase and move around some credit or possibly cancel one card if needed to get the approval.
To my surprise I did get instant approval and after one purchase (probably for $2), I will have 50,000 points with Southwest.

a screenshot of a computer
The approval screen

If you’d like to apply for the Chase Southwest Credit Card Click Here
(FYI-This is not an affiliate link and I DO NOT get any commission)