A Nice Gesture From Southwest Airlines

a birthday card with balloons on the beach

We took our first flights with Southwest Airlines in December 2012 and I’ve been a fan ever since.

Southwest seems to run a really efficient operation and offer some nice perks like 2 free checked bags at no extra cost. I also loved the friendly vibe that we felt from pretty much all of the Southwest employees.

Another thing that stood out with Southwest was that they seem to go that extra step to do some little things right. The first of those things was a nice, little perk that they offer to kids. 

Southwest sent me something else that stood out in mid- December.

a card with autographed text

Towards the end of the month, I received an envelope from Southwest. I figured that it was a statement with my account balance or something of that sort. To my surprise, the airline had sent me a birthday card! 

The card from Southwest said:

We appreciate having great Members like you in the Rapid Rewards family and hope you are enjoying the many benefits of your Membership. Warm wishes for a great birthday!-From all of us at Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards

I know that a birthday card isn’t much but I appreciate the thought. I really would’ve appreciated some Rapid Reward points as a gift! 

I give Southwest a lot of credit for going that extra mile to make their members feel special. Good job to Southwest Airlines, you’ve once again made us fans of your airline. 

Many other airlines and businesses for that matter could learn a little from your kind and welcoming ways!

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