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Flashback Friday: My Top 5 Animal Encounters


For this week’s Flashback Friday I’d like to focus on another major interest that Kim and I have while traveling: animal encounters. Some of our favorite travel memories have included these experiences.

We’ve had many great animal encounters so it wasn’t easy to pick a list of our favorites but I had decided on selecting a top 5.

Here is the post:

  • My Top 5 Animal Encounters

This post was originally published on April 26, 2012.

I was asked by travel clothing company SCOTTEVEST/ SeV to write an article for their weekly Pocket Guide newsletter. I am happy to announce that this post will be featured there!
My wife and I are both animal lovers, so when traveling we always look for opportunities to see wildlife in their natural habitat.  I’ve had many amazing experiences and thought creating a Top 5 list would be a lot of fun!
Here are some of my favorite animal experiences from around the world.

Flashback Friday: The Mutter Museum- A Musem of Medical Oddities

FlashbackFriDuring my travels I don’t usually like to visit too many museums, however there are some that I try to seek out. For this week’s Flashback Friday I will share a post about a certain type of museum that I will go out of my way to visit-museums that display oddities!

I’ve been to a bunch of these type of museums and would like to share a post about one of them today.

Here is the post:

  • The Mutter Museum: A Museum of Medical Oddities- Philadelphia, PA

This post was first published on December 1, 2011.

Flashback Friday: Save An Additional .20₵ At The Pump + Earn 5X Points

FlashbackFriThis week’s Flashback Friday post focuses on earning points and saving money on something most of us use on a daily basis: gas.

The post isn’t too old but due to some technical issues, many of you may have missed it. (When I went to publish the post, it was somehow backdated to one of the draft dates. I fixed it later on in the day.)

Here is the post:

  • Save An Addtional .20 At The Pump + Earn 5X Points

This post was first published on August 19, 2013.

Flashback Friday: Why I Started Jumping In Pictures


As most of you probably know, I was thrilled to join BoardingArea just under a month ago. I might be new to BoardingArea but I am not so new to blogging.

Michael W Travels was started in October 2011.

I am starting a new series called Flashback Friday as a way for you to get to know me a little better through some of my previous posts.

I laugh at some of my older posts when I look through my blog archives. Some of these posts were quite short (my first post & a few others were nothing more than a title and photo) while many others offer lots of information and details. The topics vary and I hope that they will paint a picture of what you should expect to see in the future on my site.

On that note I present you with the first Flashback Friday: