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Amazing Wildlife Video: Lion Sent Flying By Buffalo

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Kim and I love animals and have had many great and memorable experiences during our travels. I wrote about our Top 5 Animal Encounters which you can check out here.

Over the years there have been a couple of amazing animal videos on YouTube that really stand out.

  1. Battle at Kruger– A battle between a pride of lions, a herd of buffalo, and 2 crocodiles at a watering hole in South Africa’s Kruger National Park while on safari. 
  2. Touched By A Wild Mountain Gorilla– An amazing chance encounter with a troop of wild mountain gorillas near Bwindi National Park, Uganda

It’s been a couple of years since I’ve come across an exciting, new animal video on YouTube.

A couple of days back, I was skimming over the top articles on Yahoo. An article with a very interesting title caught my attention.

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Flashback Friday: My Top 5 Animal Encounters


For this week’s Flashback Friday I’d like to focus on another major interest that Kim and I have while traveling: animal encounters. Some of our favorite travel memories have included these experiences.

We’ve had many great animal encounters so it wasn’t easy to pick a list of our favorites but I had decided on selecting a top 5.

Here is the post:

  • My Top 5 Animal Encounters

This post was originally published on April 26, 2012.

I was asked by travel clothing company SCOTTEVEST/ SeV to write an article for their weekly Pocket Guide newsletter. I am happy to announce that this post will be featured there!
My wife and I are both animal lovers, so when traveling we always look for opportunities to see wildlife in their natural habitat.  I’ve had many amazing experiences and thought creating a Top 5 list would be a lot of fun!
Here are some of my favorite animal experiences from around the world.

Hanging With the Burros- Custer, South Dakota

This post is being featured in travel clothing company SCOTTEVEST/ SeV’s weekly Pocket Guide newsletter.
While planning a visit to Custer State Park, I knew that it had a pretty large herd of bison along with many other animals. I was curious as to what other animals called the park home.
I found out that a small donkey called burros also lived there.

(Check out my post about Custer State Park here.)

Initially you might think- Who cares? I didn’t fly from NYC to South Dakota to see some donkeys in a park. However, these burros are wild, living freely in the park and are also very friendly.
The burros are friendly because they are always on the lookout for a free meal!

I read that you can feed and interact with them but to be careful as they still are wild animals.

An Amazing Encounter: Touched By A Wild Mountain Gorilla

On my second trip to Africa, one of the highlights was getting to visit the mountain gorillas in Bwindi National Park in Uganda.
I read about an amazing video a few days back. A tourist was taking pictures/ videos of the gorillas and they came over to him and started petting and grooming him! What an amazing encounter! The video is a must watch and one of the most amazing vids I’ve ever seen on YouTube. Check for the link it out at the end of my post.
As I watched the video,. the man mentioned which gorilla family he had the interaction with. Immediately I realized it was the same one that my wife and I got to track- the Rusheguras!
What a strange coincidence…
This post is not about my experience in Uganda (I plan to do one in the near future-stay tuned!)
Here is a photo of us standing infront of the meeting point before starting our gorilla trek:
Check out the amazing video: Touched By A Mountain Gorilla