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Shake Shack and Other Impressive Food Options Coming to Deltas Terminal 4

Yesterday I mentioned a post that I wrote for Rene over at Delta Points. For those of you that didn’t get a chance to read it there, here it is.

Over the last 2+ years Delta has been renovating and expanding JFK Airport’s Terminal 4. The expansion has a budget of $1.2 billion and will replace Terminal 3 for Delta’s international flights out of the airport.

Many improvements and upgrades are on the way including:

  • Two rows of check- in counters
  • A new, automated baggage handling system
  • Security check points being consolidated into one area which allows for all of the retail and food options to be behind security
  • An additional 9 international gates, giving Delta a total of 16 at JFK
  • Larger waiting areas
  • Additional, new and powered seating for charging your electronic devices
  • The largest Sky Club Delta has to offer

The Sky Club will have 24,000 square feet of space and include the first ever Delta Sky Deck, a 2,000 square foot outdoor terrace. The Sky Deck will offer guests amazing views of Manhattan which I’d definitely love to get a chance to see. The Sky Deck sounds like a great addition for an airport lounge.

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Welcome Delta Points Readers

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When Rene asked me to write a guest post about the changes going on at Delta’s Terminal 4 at JFK Airport, I was happy to oblige. Rene writes all about Delta on his blog Delta Points. My post talks a little about the changes coming to T4 and the impressive food options that will make just about anyone want to stop by for a meal before their flight.

I want to welcome all of the new readers coming from Delta Points to my blog and of course, thank my regular (awesome) readers for their support!

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