Would You Try A BBQ Watermelon Pizza?

screenshot: NY Post video

There’s no debate that pizza is me and my family’s favorite food.

We love pizza so much that we’ll go on pizza tours, visiting multiple shops in one day. We’ve even based trips on, you guessed it… pizza!

The New York Post recently shared a Tik Tok video of what they say features “the summer’s weirdest snack” and I’d definitely agree.

The snack we’re talking about is Watermelon Pizza!

So you’re probably wondering what a watermelon pizza is. No, it’s not a traditional pie topped with some watermelon, it’s actually much grosser.

Rather than using a crust made from dough, you take a thick slice of watermelon and grill it on each side. Then you top it with barbecue sauce which the TikTok cook Oliver Paterson says works better than tomato.

Add some cheese and pepperoni and then place it in the oven for a few minutes. Out comes a watermelon pie!

The video is fun to watch but I couldn’t imagine eating the finished product. Would you?

Find out more and check out the TikTok featuring the summer’s weirdest snack here.

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