TSA At Pennsylvania Airport Find Loaded Gun In Baby Stroller

TSATSA  officers come across lots interesting items while checking passengers at airports and some of them can be pretty dangerous.

They’ve come across Lucille from The Walking DeadBatman’s Batarang, bowling ball and  many other things.

USA Today reports that a man was arrested in Pennsylvania after the TSA found a loaded handgun in a baby stroller.

After the loaded .380 caliber gun was found at Arnold Palmer Regional Airport, the man was arrested. The gun was loaded with six bullets and was found in a pocket in the stroller.

The article reports that “TSA officers discovered the gun after physically inspecting the stroller, which was too large to fit through the X-ray unit at the airport.”

The man’s story regarding why the gun was in the stroller was a bit odd. He claimed that he kept the gun in the stroller during walks in the park with his girlfriend and child. He says that he forgot to remove it before heading to the airport.

This is the fourth time this year that a handgun was found at Arnold Palmer Airport.

Find out more from USA Today here.

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