Sweet! I Earned A Hyatt Brand Explorer Free Night!

HyattOver the recent winter break, we spent a couple of nights in Philadelphia.

While looking at places to stay, we felt it was a great time to use one of our Hyatt Category 1-4 free nights (earned from having the credit card).

We decided a good use of the free night was at The Bellevue, part of the Unbound Collection. (We spent our first night at the Kimpton Palomar.)I had actually stayed at the property years back on a trip with my brother but he had handled the booking so I didn’t earn the brand credit.

The day after we checked out, I received an awesome e-mail from Hyatt, “You Earned It- Enjoy A Free Night On Us.”

For staying at five different Hyatt brands, I earned a free night at any Category 1-4 hotel! This nice little bonus is know as the Brand Explorer free night.

I found it kind of funny that I earned the free night. First of all, I didn’t realize that this was the fifth Hyatt brand I’d be staying at. Also, between Kim and I, we had a total of 5 free nights. I booked the room to save money but to also use what I’d consider to be a solid amount of free nights with one hotel company.

After earning the Brand Explorer free night, we were back where we started. We now have a combined 5 free nights between us. No, I’m not complaining- this is a good thing!

Here are the five brands that I’ve stayed at:

  1. Park Hyatt
  2. Hyatt Regency
  3. Hyatt Place
  4. Hyatt House
  5. Unbound Collection

To earn another Brand Explorer free night, I’ll need to stay at another 5 new brands. That won’t be easy but it would be nice to earn in the future.

Have you earned a Brand Explorer Free Night? Are there any special properties where you like to redeem your Category 1-4 free nights at?

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