A Family Visit to the Park Hyatt St Kitts

Park Hyatt St KittsIn November 2017, I wrote a post sharing Where Kim and I redeemed our four Hyatt Visa Free Nights.

After much thought, we decided on using them for a stay at the new Park Hyatt St Kitts.

We visited the property at the end of the school year- from late June- early July and I felt that it could be helpful to share what a family visit to the Park Hyatt St Kitts was like.

Here is my review and thoughts about the property.We were impressed with the Park Hyatt St Kitts from the moment we arrived. Just look at the entry way! Just be careful not to fall into the water along the entry. To date, nine people, probably staring at their phones have took an unexpected dip.
park hyatt st kittsWhen we made it to the end of the entry way, the views got even better. Entering the property after we left each day, never seemed to get old.After checking in, we were brought to our room by a golf cart. This would end up being one of six year-old Lucas’s most memorable parts of our stay.

(Yes, he enjoyed the pool and kids club, but at no other hotel have we ever been driven around by a golf cart!)

Each time we called to have our rental car taken out, we were offered a golf cart to come bring us to the front. While the property is big, it isn’t like we couldn’t walk but Lucas (and our 22 month- old Theo) really enjoyed these rides!

We didn’t dine at any of the property’s three restaurants but we did use our room (obvious), spend a lot of time at the pool and also took advantage of the kid’s club called Island Fort by Campy Hyatt.

The Room: 2 Queen Beds: 527 Sqft: Private Terrace Spa inspired bathroom with rain showerUpon entering the room, we were very impressed. The room is spacious and has an open plan due to sliding walls (which can close off the bath area.)This table got a lot of use for breakfasts in the room and writing blog posts. It would’ve been nice if the table was a bit larger and it had more chairs. However, this table did fit the space well.
Here’s a view of the room from the opposite side.The walls slide open and closed, allowing for more privacy in the bathroom, if needed.

The tub, while it looked nice got no use for its intended purpose. However, it did make for a great place to spread out our wet clothes after time spent at the pool.

It’s hard to see from the photo, but the bathroom area also had two sinks. This was a big plus since we’re traveling with two little ones.The shower area is spacious making showering the kids easy. The only issue I noticed was that the space between the shower door and floor caused the floor to get soaked just outside.

Otherwise, the shower handle had great pressure and I loved using the rain shower head when I was done. It’s definitely relaxing and I’d love a setup like this at home! The toilet is located in its own small room just next door to the shower. It also had a small sink inside.

The positive was that if someone needed the bathroom, they weren’t blocking use to the rest of the bathroom. A big negative was that there was no window or AC inside- yes it got hot in here! The closet was probably the best one I’ve ever seen at at hotel.

It’s a walk-in closet with a door, great for keeping the kids out. We could keep our luggage inside, rather than in the room itself and also hang up items if needed.The safe slides out from a drawer and we used it to keep valuables safe while at the pool or out for the day. There was also a can of bug spray, a flashlight and iron also stored in the closet.Typically, a big pet peeve we have is with hotels not having enough outlets.

Our room at the Park Hyatt St Kitts had plenty of outlets- from what I recall, all had USBs included, like the one shown above.Here’s the view from our terrace. The space has a table and two chairs, along with pool views. We could walk to the pool from the terrace in less than a minute. Kim enjoyed eating breakfast here every morning.

One issue I found was that you can’t lock the room from the terrace door. So, if you want to go to the pool, which is quicker than going out the main door, you cant lock the door. Or, one person needs to lock the terrace door and go around through the front.

The Pool:

There are two pools at the Park Hyatt St Kitts, the adults only Rampart pool and the Lagoon Pool.

We spent a lot of time at the Lagoon Pool.The pool is pretty large and Lucas was able to stand in a good portion of it. This was good, since he hasn’t yet learned how to swim.
The infinity pool offered awesome views out to the Caribbean Sea. (There’s a beach between the pool area and the sea.) The peaks in the back ground are sister island, Nevis.Lucas and Theo loved the pool area. At times, it was hard to get them out of the water!

During our visit, it seemed like most people at the pool were families. Lucas found other kids to play with just about every time we went.

There’s also a good amount of beach chairs and umbrellas. The hotel also has a table with towels, complimentary suntan lotion and water for guests to take.

Each time we arrived, a server from the bar, came by with glasses of cold water- nice touch!

If you need, you can order drinks and some food at the bar or from the server. We didn’t purchase anything but we did see lots of people ordering.The Rampart adults- only pool looked really nice and felt almost like a private pool for the few guests using it. Each section (rampart) had a few chairs in front of it. With the hotel only being at 50-70% occupancy, there were never many people in this area.

Island Fort by Camp Hyatt: aka the kids club

The Island Fort is a very large space, both indoor and out. Lucas visited the club three times and we brought Theo a couple of times for a short visit. (Kids need to be 3 years of age or older to be left alone or you can hire a babysitter.) When we brought Theo, we stayed with him.The indoor play area has a good variety of books, games and toys. There are also coloring sheets to keep the kids busy. For a fee, there are art projects scheduled during the day. (Lucas wasn’t at the club during those times.)A separate alcove leads into a nice video game room. This was probably Lucas’s favorite part of the visits.

During the first visit, there were no other kids around. Lucas stayed around 1.5 hours, playing with toys and video games. When I went to pick him up to go to the pool, he said he’d had enough of the club. However, on the other visits, there were some other kids, making the time there a lot of fun.During our last day at the Park Hyatt St Kitts, Lucas didn’t want to leave the Island Fort.

He made a friend who was his age. They played video games and then had a blast playing at the outdoor area. The area is very cool with its rock climbing wall and built in slide. Too bad his friend wasn’t at the hotel a couple of days earlier.

There is also a covered outdoor space with seating and other toys as well as a little climbing set for smaller kids.

The staff at the Island Fort were super-friendly and this was a nice place where you could feel safe leaving your kids during a visit.Other Amenities:

  • Beachfront- lounge chairs are spread out, water looked very choppy during our visit
  • Free non-motorized water sports, pool floats and toys
  • Fitness Center- meant to check it out but never got around to it
  • Miraval Life in Balance Spa- very pricey!
  • Three on-site restaurants- we didn’t try any, so I can’t comment on them.

Final Thoughts:

We really enjoyed our stay at the Park Hyatt St Kitts. The grounds are beautiful and it’s a great place for a family getaway. I get bored after spending too much time sitting around a pool. We rented a car and drove around the island, finding some things to do. We also took a day trip to Nevis. Overall, when compared to other Caribbean islands, I’d say that St Kitts probably had the least to do. This made our Park Hyatt stay feel that much better.

If you love sitting around and relaxing, this is a great place for you. If you’ve visiting St Kitts, you probably won’t find a better property to stay at. I will warn you though, it is a bit of a drive from town. Rent a car and save yourself a ton of money!

In the end, Kim and I found the hotel to be a great use of your Hyatt Visa free nights!

The Park Hyatt St Kitts is located at 1 Banana Bay, South East Peninsula St. Kitts.

5 thoughts on “A Family Visit to the Park Hyatt St Kitts

  1. Thanks for the great review. It sounds a lot how my family likes to travel. I guess overall I’m thinking I would probably skip this property over the Marriotts though. I’ve stayed at the 4Seasins too on Nevis and that had a nice feel, and more island vibe.

  2. Nathan- Thanks! Glad you liked it. We went on a day trip to Nevis- wish we had a little more time to explore.

    Emily- It was actually very hard to find an available car due to the music festival. I reached out to a bunch of local companies. In the end, we went with Huggins Auto. We dealt with everything through e-mail. They got me the temporary license and left the car at the airport for me etc…

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