Yes! I Earned Another Free Night From My Hyatt Credit Card!

HYATTBack in mid-October, I wrote about a special offer for Hyatt credit card members.

If you charge $4,000 by the end of the year, you’ll earn an additional Category 1-4 free night! This offer definitely caught my eye regardless of the high spend needed to earn the free night.

Since I was done meeting the minimum spend on a new credit card, I decided to try to earn this offer.

This wasn’t very hard to do since I am in a buying group. (I buy items for someone who then resells them. I earn cash back, credit card miles & points and sometimes get paid a little extra than the price the item had cost to purchase.)

Earlier in the week, I received an e-mail from Hyatt with the subject, “Congratulations- You Just Earned A Free Night.”

I knew that I was close to completing the required spend for this offer but wasn’t keeping a close eye on what I had spent. (I was pretty sure that I had already crossed the required spend threshold to earn the bonus night.)

Regardless, I don’t know about you, but when I received the e-mail from Hyatt, it brought a smile to my face and one simple word- Yes!

Between Kim and I, we now have five Hyatt free nights to redeem! We have no plans as to where we will use these nights but I am open to suggestions! The big problem with redeeming the free nights right now is the Coronavirus Pandemic.

We plan to do a little road trip during the upcoming winter break but we’re kind of limited in where we can go since we don’t want to quarantine when we get home.

Have you earned a Hyatt free night from the current promo?

Registration for the promo closed on November 30 so if you were still interested, you’re out of luck…

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  1. Hi Michael – thanks for the post – can you help with this question ? How did you receive the Hilton 5K promo in November for Amy spend on the amex card? Was it email? Postal mail? Bill Insert? I can’t find mine and I did the spend but haven’t received the credit

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