Find Out How Hyatt Made Theo’s Birthday Extra Special Last Year!

HyattIn the summer of 2019, the Michael W Travels family went on a four week trip around South Asia. During our trip we visited 5 countries, the Maldives, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh and India.

During our visit to Nepal, Hyatt helped me celebrate visiting my 100th country with an awesome surprise. Due to this and another Hyatt stay during our trip, we were beyond impressed with the company’s customer service.

At the end of our trip, we stayed at the Hyatt Regency Mumbai. It was here that the Hyatt brand really cemented itself as one of our favorite hotel brands.

While checking into the hotel, one of the customer service reps asked me how old Theo was. I mentioned that tomorrow was his birthday and that he’d be three!

The representative, Pratishka seemed to be very excited and said if we needed anything to let them know.

I rarely every ask a hotel to help with much during our trips but Kim and I weren’t having any success while trying to make a dinner reservation. I decided to message Pratishka through WhatsApp to ask if she could possibly help. Our reservation was confirmed soon after…

Later that night Pratishka messaged me to ask if we found the restaurant and to wish Theo a happy birthday. I felt that this gesture alone was so nice and personal. She then mentioned that they were sending up some goodies and cake tomorrow for Lucas and Theo!

This was incredible! Every year we’re usually away for Theo’s birthday so he’d definitely be excited to have a little party of his own!HyattThe next day, I received another message from Pratishka. She wanted to know if we were out so she could decorate the room. This was beyond incredible and amazing.

She also asked what show Theo liked so I told her Puppy Dog Pals and Paw Patrol. I was also asked to send some photos.HyattWhen we arrived back at the room, Theo walked in to a huge surprise. He was so excited and probably a bit confused. There were balloons everywhere. The bed was decorated with more balloons saying Happy Birthday and a paper with photos of our family printed on it! I almost forgot to mention, there was also happy birthday music playing through the TV.HyattPratishka and her colleague Vaishnavi gave Theo a Teddy Bear and wished him a happy birthday. They also offered him some snacks and showed him the decorations around the room.HyattHe was extremely happy with the awesome Puppy Pals cake and worked hard to blow out the candles.HyattLook at the smile on his face. Based on Lucas’s smile, he was pretty excited too, maybe more so due to the variety of sweets! HyattThe staff at the Hyatt Regency Mumbai went above and beyond to make Theo’s third birthday one that we’ll never forget. It was totally unexpected but it seems that these kind of moments are a real specialty of the Hyatt brand.

Thanks again to Pratishka and Vaishnavi for making our stay at the hotel an extra memorable one!

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