An Incomplete Visit To See The World’s Largest Rotating Globe

GlobeWe’ve been traveling around Maine for about a week now. This is Kim and my second visit, the first time for our kids. So far we’ve had a really nice time, seeing lots of natural sites and eating lots of great food.

While staying in Yarmouth, ME, I wanted to visit Eartha, the world’s largest rotating globe.

I had read about this bizarre site on Atlas Obscura and didn’t realize that we were staying right down the road the other night.

On the way back to the hotel after dinner Kim spotted Eartha. It  was lit up and easily visible from he main road. She pointed it out to me, unsure of what it was. I immediately remembered that I had read about it and that it held a Guinness record.

We planned to make a stop there on the way to the Freeport Outlets the following morning.a man wearing sunglasses in front of a buildingI pulled into the parking lot for Garmin (they bought DeLorme, the company who built this record setting globe).

As we approached Eartha, we thought that it wasn’t rotating. It moves so slowly that it’s hard to tell that it’s moving unless you look closely.

Kim figured it was best to see if we could go inside before taking the kids out of the car. The parking lot had a bunch of cars inside so I hoped that we could get a look at Eartha from close-up.

Sadly, when I walked up to the doors, there was a sign stating that visits to the public were currently closed until further notice due to COVID-19.

In the end, it was very cool to see the world’s largest rotating globe through the glass building that it’s housed inside. However, it would’ve been much nicer to go inside.

Find out more about Eartha, the world’s largest rotating globe here.

2 thoughts on “An Incomplete Visit To See The World’s Largest Rotating Globe

  1. Samuel Fuller- Days is on our list. We’re hoping to stop there on the way back! (We stayed at a hotel a minute or so from there.

    What is Belgrade Lakes like?

  2. I hope you got a lobster roll from Day’s, which is about 1/4 down the road.

    Come up to Belgrade lakes and visit!

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