Food Quest: We Tried 12 Whoopie Pies In Maine During Our 10 Day Trip!

whoopie piesBack in August, the Michael W Travels family took a 10-day road trip around Maine.

While it wasn’t the international trip we’re accustomed to, we had a great time during this outdoorsy, food-focused adventure!

When thinking of popular foods in Maine, two come to mind, lobster rolls and whoopie pies! (Find out about 15 lobster rolls we tried during our visit.)

Our previous visit to Maine was over 10 years back (pre-kids). I still remember eating tasty, massive burger-size whoopie pies. I wondered if the whoopie pies we’d try during this trip would live up to my memories, especially the one from Harraseeket Lunch.

Here’s the list of the Whoopie Pies we tried during our recent Maine Summer Road Trip:

  1. Moody’s Diner– Waldoboro
  2. Bite Into Maine– Portland, multiple locations
  3. Eventide Oyster Co.– Portland
  4. Condon’s Doughnuts- Wells
  5. Harakeeset Lunch & Lobster– South Freeport
  6. Red’s Eats– Wiscasset
  7. Day’s Crabmeat & Lobster– Yarmouth
  8. Cape Whoopies– South Portland
  9. Bob’s Clam Hut– Kittery
  10. Travelin’ Lobster– Bar Harbor
  11. Wicked Whoopies– Freeport
  12. Pink Pastry Shop– Bar Harbor

Here is our rankings break down:

Amazing: The best of the best!

  • Moody’s Diner– the perfect balance of cake and cream, so good we stopped in a second time!
  • Bite Into Maine– perfection from a food truck- rich and sweet but not too sweet
  • Eventide Oyster Co.– a bit more of a fancy feel with traditional flavors

Great: just a notch below the top spot

  • Condon’s Doughnuts– this should be the model of what a whoopie pie should look like- massive and hard to put down
  • Harakeeset Lunch & Lobster– this was our fav during our first visit to Maine. It was sold out when we had dinner so we went back the following day. Very good flavor, humongous, could be hard to take a bite out of.

Solid: If you’re in the neighborhood but don’t go out of the way

  • Red’s Eats– made by a friend of Red’s, enjoyable enough
  • Day’s Crabmeat & Lobster– very good, but like I said, don’t go out of your way
  • Cape Whoopies– the traditional whoopie wasn’t great and a bit dense. The blondie whoopie belongs in the great category…
  • Bob’s Clam Hut– we were a bit hard on Bob’s since it was the first lobster shack we visited.
  • Travelin’ Lobster– I remember we liked this one but don’t recall the details…

Wouldn’t Recommend: Don’t waste your time

  • Wicked Whoopies– their shop was closed so we picked up a few up at the supermarket. I had high hopes for these but we found these very disappointing
  • Pink’s Pastry Shop– unfriendly customer service, bad whoopie

Photos of the Amazing Whoopie Pies:

Moody’s Diner
Bite Into Maine
Eventide Oyster Co.

Model Whoopie Pie, Great Too!:

Congdon’s Doughnuts

Overall, our top 3 whoopie pies were all outstanding. If I had to pick just one though, I’d go with Moody’s Diner. Moody’s felt the most traditional and perfect, pretty much the whoopie pie I remembered from years back. Bite Into Maine and Eventide were equally awesome but a drop smaller.

Besides my wouldn’t recommend list, you won’t really be disappointed with any of the other whoopies.

Here are a couple of places we didn’t get to visit:

  • Rock’s Family Diner
  • Two Fat Cats (we tried these years back but unfortunately they are closed Sunday and Monday which happen to be when we were in Portland this time around)

Final Thoughts:

Overall, we really enjoyed trying whoopie pies from such a long list of places. I actually expected to see them more widely available but it’s probably a good thing they weren’t.

Whoopie Pies are around $4 each and they are usually large enough to share with a family of four. (A few of them were a bit smaller). Kim and I love them and so did the kids!

On future trips to Maine, we’ll continue to seek out whoopies from other shops around the state!

2 thoughts on “Food Quest: We Tried 12 Whoopie Pies In Maine During Our 10 Day Trip!

  1. While those you tested are likely very good, you may have missed the very best: The Lobster Shack, in Cape Elizabeth, ME. Large, with a high ratio of cream to excellent cake. Buy two: one to eat now, and one to put in the freezer for later. (NOTE: I assume they make their own)

  2. Dennis- Pretty sure we ate there years back! The Lobster Shack was saved on my map and we hoped to visit on the way back but didn’t get around to it. I didn’t know they had a good whoopie though! Thanks for the tip!

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