Man Shot In Brooklyn, Orders Uber To Get To Hospital Instead Of 911

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When we need a ride share service, Uber is our first choice. The prices are pretty fair and the app is pretty reliable.

We’ve used Uber during trip in India, Azerbaijan, Portugal and various other countries.

A few years back, an Uber drive got an assist in a drug bust. This morning the ride share was summoned to help after another crime.

Early this morning a man was shot in Brooklyn, New York. Rather than call 911, he ordered an Uber to bring him to the hospital where he died.

The Daily News reports that, “The 32-year-old victim stumbled into Brookdale Hospital around 2 a.m. bleeding from a gunshot wound to the chest, cops said“.

Upon arrival, the man was immediately underwent surgery but it wasn’t meant to be….

NYPD detectives found out that the man was shot in Flatlands on Avenue near East 53rd Street, just a couple of miles from the hospital. As of now, no arrests have been made.

Cops have been looking around the area for ballistic evidence and video that could help them find the shooter.

After reading about this, I wondered why the victim didn’t call 911 to have paramedics come? Maybe they could’ve assisted him at the scene as opposed to an Uber driver just bringing him to the hospital.

Find out more from the Daily News here.

4 thoughts on “Man Shot In Brooklyn, Orders Uber To Get To Hospital Instead Of 911

  1. You really can’t understand why? Lots of people, myself included, will not be able to afford the thousands of dollars that ambulances charge so taking an Uber is a rational choice in our healthcare system

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