Uber Driver Gets An Assist In Drug Bust

Uber driverThere’s been many stories about Uber drivers making the news for negative reasons.

Uber drivers have:

One Uber driver made the news for helping with a drug bust.

A Vero Beach Uber driver picked up a passenger at a bar. He was then asked by the passenger, Maximillian Nadolny to make a stop at 7-Eleven.

The Miami Herald reports that, “the driver saw the 33-year-old passenger engage in a drug transaction with an individual in the convenience store’s parking lot.”

The driver called the police and said that he wanted to be pulled over since he thought the passenger in his car had drugs. When the car was pulled over, the police had the driver get out. Once he did, the police saw Nadolny take something out of his pocket and toss it out the window.

A clear baggie was found with a white rock inside which tested positive for cocaine.

Nadolny said that the drugs weren’t his and he claimed to have tossed a cigarette out of the window. The Uber driver once again helped out mentioning how his passenger wasn’t smoking in the car.

Nadolny is being charged with felony possession of cocaine. He was released on a $5,000 bond and has a court date on January 3. Sounds like it probably won’t be a happy new year for Nadolny.

Find out more from the Miami Herald here.

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