Michelin-Starred Restaurant Served Diners On A Ferris Wheel In Budapest

Ferris Wheel in Chernobyl!

Dining out during the COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t been so simple. Many restaurants had to switch to a takeout and delivery only model, while other have also offered outdoor dining.

Since then, many restaurants have reopened for indoor dining with a greatly reduced capacity.

During the pandemic, my family has had quite a few car picnics. We’ll order/ pickup food and eat in the car or stand outside with the trunk of my Jeep acting as the table to rest our food on.

One Michelin-Starred restaurant in Budapest, Hungary has gotten extremely creative with their outdoor dining service.

Lonely Planet reports that, “Costes decided to serve up its multi-course artistically-plated meals in the private glass-enclosed cabins on the city’s Ferris wheel.” 

Eating a Michelin-Starred restaurant’s food on a ferris wheel isn’t cheap (around $155) for the four-course meal. (I actually expected the cost to be a bit higher.) The meal sold out in just a few days for this dining pop-up.

The meal on the ferris wheel was a one day event but more dates are being planned for the spring when it gets nicer out.

Would you be interested in eating a meal on a ferris wheel? I think it sounds like a really fun, unique experience!

Find out more from Lonely Planet here.

2 thoughts on “Michelin-Starred Restaurant Served Diners On A Ferris Wheel In Budapest

  1. Ferris wheel sounds fun, but it would be a irritating if you wanted ‘extra ketchup’ or something, and needed to wait for the wheel to make all the stops for the cabins in front of you before you got any.

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