Our Awkward Uber Experience In Baku, Azerbaijan

uberThe Michael W Travels family is currently on a month long summer trip.

When visiting a city, our preferred form of transportation is walking. When we need to go to further areas, we love taking public transportation.

During our trip, Uber was a real bargain in Ukraine. The rideshare didn’t work in Moldova and it seemed to work in Azerbaijan, although we couldn’t get it to work at the airport.

I was told that rides were really cheap and on the last day of our visit to the country, we needed to save some time (and energy).

Our quick ride was priced at a bargain 2.01 manat, around $1.18 US.

When our ride was completed, I took a couple of things out of the trunk and then said goodbye and walked towards the sidewalk.

The driver then followed and said “money“. I was definitely confused!

My response was something like, “we paid with Uber”. I then opened up my phone and saw a surprising message. uberAlong with the price of the ride, in small print, it said Cash Owed. I paid the driver the money and walked away, still a bit confused.

I can’t say that I’ve ever heard of paying for an Uber ride with cash before but I guess in Azerbaijan, that’s how the service works. The rides are very cheap, but part of the convenience of using Uber is definitely lost with this process.

Have you ever had to pay for an Uber ride with cash? If so, what country was your ride in?

11 thoughts on “Our Awkward Uber Experience In Baku, Azerbaijan

  1. Same story exactly happened to me. And in Baku
    I thought the Uber guy trying to take extra money since I paid. But apparently only option for payment is Baku is cash.
    Could you figure out a way to pay by card?

  2. Frog- Interesting. I wonder how Uber gets their cut!

    George- Sounds like by offering a cash option, one of Uber’s main benefits (not dealing with payments with the driver) goes away.

    1. Uber has logs of rides and respective costs. Uber drivers have to pay that cut at end of billing cycle. As Frog mention, its an option to pay with cash, for those who pay with cards, uber is holding onto their earnings. So at end of billing cycle, the accounts are settled etc.

      1. RP- We didn’t have an option in Azerbaijan! I assumed that like when Ebay first started, Uber send an invoice to drivers each month (and if they don’t pay what’s owed, then no more using the app).

  3. In Brazil you can choose to pay with cash, but the traditional method of paying with creditcard is way better. I never paid with cash.
    There has been some cases that the driver cancels the rider and demand more money.

  4. In India there is an option to pay cash for the ride. Though, I think you need to select your method of payment at the time you book an Uber.

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