How Was It Flying Norwegian Air With Their Strict Baggage Rules

Norwegian Air
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I recently wrote about a sweet deal, NYC- Amsterdam for $356 roundtrip.

While booking this deal with Norwegian Air, I had some concerns due to their strict baggage rules. The airline clearly states restrictions like the max size your bag can be and the allowed weight you can carry on for flights.

Due to this, I decided to pay to use the overhead bin during the flight. I figured that for an additional $12 each way, it was worth it to pay to bring a rollaboard.

I wondered if the airline employees would check our bags to see that they were the correct size and weight. I assumed that they would check bags, even if it was just a glance and then put a tag on giving them the OK to fly.

It turned out that nobody looked at our bags or what was placed into the overhead bin during either one of our flights!

On the way to Amsterdam, I placed my rollaboard in the overhead bin. Our backpacks were placed under the seats in front of us.

For our flight home, I decided to place my backpack on top of my rollaboard in the overhead bin. I figured that if nobody was checking what was placed in the bin, why not have a bit more space and comfort?

Once again, none of the staff looked at what was placed in the overhead bin. I now wondered, did I waste $12 each way to pay for the right to use the storage space?

I’d say that the $24 in total was worth it even if it was just to have peace of mind.

What if they did check the bags? It would’ve cost me much more than $24.

Have you flown Norwegian Air? If so, what was your experience like when it came to your luggage?

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3 thoughts on “How Was It Flying Norwegian Air With Their Strict Baggage Rules

  1. Actually when flying from airports where the airline does not have its own staff. It’s hit or miss if they actually enforce the baggage rule. And then at airports like Gatwick expect to pay all the time.

  2. Dustin Evans- I think for the $12, it’s worth paying for peace of mind. The bigger concern is how strict they’ll be with the personal item which goes under the seat.

  3. I use my scale for weighing fish. I dig it out of the tackle box. That way I didn’t have to buy anything. It’s been in my tackle box for over 40 years.

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