Delta Adding Spiked Seltzer To Flights Starting In March

Spiked SeltzerA few months back, I wrote about how Jetblue would be the 1st airline to offer hard seltzer at 35,00 feet!

I’ve had spiked seltzer a bunch of time but can’t say that I’m a big fan. However, I have read that the alcoholic beverage has gotten extremely popular.

It looks like another US airline will soon be offering spiked seltzer.(Maybe others already do, too.)

I just received an e-mail from Delta News Hub with the subject, “Delta gets spiked for summer, adds new beverage category for domestic flights.”

Starting in March, BON & VIV Spiked Seltzer will be offered on domestic Delta flights.

Passengers sitting in premium cabins (Delta One, Delta Premium Select, First Class and Delta Comfort+) will be able to enjoy complimentary 12 oz. cans of premium BON & VIV.

For passengers sitting in Main Cabin, BON & VIV will be available for purchase for $8.

BON & VIV comes in two flavors, grapefruit and lemon-lime. It also sounds like a relatively healthy drink choice. It’s “zero-sugar, 90-calorie, gluten-free seltzer.”

I thought it was very smart and interesting how Delta goes about food and beverage offerings. For instance, with BON & VIV, they tested and introduced it to Delta Sky Clubs in the US after “overwhelming positive feedback.” Now the spiked seltzer will be made available at 35,000 feet!

Are you a fan of hard seltzers? If so, would you order the drink during a flight?

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