The Item I Had To Buy For Our Upcoming Flight On Norwegian Air

Norwegian AirAt the end of the week, my 8 year-old son Lucas and I will be flying to Amsterdam on Norwegian Air.

At $356 per person roundtrip to fly NYC-Amsterdam, I found this to be a very good deal but it wasn’t without some headaches. Norwegian Air has some strict policies when it comes to luggage.

You’re allowed to bring up to 10 KG (22lbs) on board for free but it has to fit in an extremely small bag which has to be placed under the seat in front of you.

To make things a bit easier, I decided to pay extra for the right to use the overhead bin during our flights. Would you?

If you’re luggage is overweight or doesn’t meet the approved size of the airline, high fees will need to be paid to bring your bag on board. To help with this issue, there was an item that I felt would come in handy.

I headed over to to look for a cheap luggage scale! How exciting, right?

After a quick search, I decided to purchase the AmazonBasics Portable Digital Luggage Weight Scale.  At $9.99 it also seemed like a fair price to pay.

I decided to pack early and am almost done. The rollaboard luggage we’ll be taking on the trip, is pretty much packed and we’re well below the allowed weight. This is good news since I can still bring a small personal item onboard too so long as the combined weight doesn’t exceed 10KG.

In the end, a cheap digital luggage scale is worth purchasing to make packing easier and have peace of mind when flying a low cost carrier like Norwegian Air.

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