Would You Pay To Use The Overhead Bin During A Flight

Norwegian AirA couple of days back I wrote about a flight that I booked from NYC-Amsterdam for $356 roundtrip.

While I feel that this is a very fair price to pay to fly to Europe, the flight on Norwegian Air does have some restrictions. I booked the cheapest option called Lowfare which doesn’t even come with the right to use the overhead bin!

I’ll be going on a Father-Son Trip with my 8 year-old Lucas so we can definitely pack light. The thing is, can we really fit whatever we need into two bags under the seats in front of us? (The max weight allowed for each bag is 10kg, around 22 pounds.)

When I first came across these flights with Norwegian Air, I hesitated to book due to the hassle it sounded like it could be. The flights went up in price for a couple of days but when they returned, I decided to take a closer look at my options.

For $100 more per person each way I could book our flights in Lowfare+. This would give us access to use the overhead bin and allow us to each check a bag. Lowfare+ also includes a seat reservation and meals.

In my opinion, for an extra $400 it wasn’t worth upgrading to a Lowfare+ ticket.

During the booking process, I was then offered the option to pay to use the overhead bin. Getting to use the overhead bin would allow us to bring a rollaboard luggage which would take away some of my concerns while flying Norwegian Air.

For the cost of $12 each way, I decided it was worth the money to pay for one bag to be placed in the overhead bin during our flights. (The ticket allows you to bring an overhead cabin bag as well as a personal item to be stored under the seat in front you however, BOTH  bags combined still can not exceed the 10kg weight limit.)

Norwegian Air also has size restrictions on luggage but I think that we’ll be OK with what’s allowed.

Would you (or have you) pay for the right to use the overhead bin during a flight?

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