The Very Important Question I Asked NYC’s Mayor De Blasio At The NY Pizza Festival

Mayor De BlasioLast weekend the Michael W Travels family attended the 2nd Annual New York Pizza Festival in the Bronx’s Little Italy. (Check out my review of last year’s festival here.)

Towards the end of the event, we saw a huge crowd forming by one of the stands so I went over for a closer look. To my surprise, I saw NYC’s Mayor De Blasio making pizza!

While I’m not a fan of politics and Mayor De Blasio is possibly one of the least popular mayors the city has had, I decided to hang around to see what was going on. If possible, I also had a very important question to ask.a group of men standing around a table with foodI  watched as the mayor topped a pizza dough as the crowd looked on.a man in a suit standing in front of a pizza ovenHe then got to do the honors of putting the pie in the oven.a man in a suit cutting a pizzaOnce the pizza was ready, Mayor De Blasio happily looked at his pizza creation.

As he started to eat, I screamed out my question but got no response. I then moved up close as some of the crowd disappeared and asked again.

I was curious where Mayor De Blasio’s fork was!

For those of you confused why I’d ask this question, here’s an article from a few years back which appeared in the New York Times that should explain it.a man pointing at a plate of foodAll in good fun, May De Blasio got my joke and had a great comeback as he responded to my question. He also took a moment to take a snap a photo.

Bill De Blasio might not be the most liked mayor NYC has had in office but politics aside, he seemed like a pretty decent guy.

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