American Airlines Adding More Flights To US States I’d Love To Visit!

American Airlines
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I recently wrote about how JetBlue was adding daily flights to a country that I’d love to visit.

Now, I found out that American Airlines is adding flights to a couple of states that I’d love to visit!

Over the summer I reached one of my travel goals, visiting 100 countries (UN member states). While I’m definitely not done traveling internationally, I’d also love to finish visiting all 50 of the United States.

Lonely Planet reports that, American Airlines has announced that it is adding more flights to Montana and Alaska, which will enable travelers to visit national parks there. This means that it will offer 17 routes to both states next summer.”

This sounds like great news to me considering that I haven’t visited Alaska or Montana yet. I also haven’t visited enough national parks!

American Airlines will be adding new seasonal flights to Montana from LA, NYC and Philadelphia. The airline will also be flying a larger plane from Dallas- Fort Worth and Chicago due to “the success of its new service to Glacier National Park.”

For Alaska, three new routes will be added. AA will fly to Fairbanks from Dallas- Fort Worth and Chicago. A new flight will also be added to Anchorage from Chicago.

Have you visited Montana and/or Alaska? If so, what did you think of these destinations?

Find out more about the new routes from American Airlines here.

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