This Is Not The Geographic Center of New York City!

New York City
image: screenshot from NY1

Years back, Kim and I visited a spot in Lithuania which is supposedly the Geographic Center of Europe. At the site, there was a visitor center and a fancy marker. You could even get a certificate to prove that you were there!

Over winter break, we set out to find the center of Paris. Find out about our failed attempt at visiting the site.

Yesterday, I was watching local news channel NY1 when an interesting segment came on related to the center of New York City.

I can’t say that I ever thought about where the center of the city might be.

NY1 reports that a “traffic median on Queens Boulevard and 58th Street contains a mysterious marker, declaring this exact spot the geographical center of New York City.”

The marker looks like a compass. I’d love to visit it one of these days.

What’s funny about this marker is that the city’s Department of Planning doesn’t even know who put the marker there! And even funnier than that is the fact that the claim of this being the Geographic Center of New York City is incorrect!

The Department of Planning says that the center is actually located in Bushwick, Brooklyn which is a few miles away.

This incorrect marker sounds like a fun little attraction to stop by (kind of like the smallest plot of land in NYC) but it would be nice if the city pinpointed the exact center and then created something to recognize the spot.

Find out more from NY1 here.

4 thoughts on “This Is Not The Geographic Center of New York City!

  1. Visited the Four Corners monument a few years ago to learn that, with more accurate GPS, the actual Four Corners point is a little way off. With all the improvements done at the current site it’s just going to stay there…

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