American Airlines Being Sued By New York City For…

American Airlines
image: aero-shots

American Airlines is in some legal trouble with New York City. The airline is being sued by the city “for violating paid sick leave policy,” according to Gothamist.

According to Gothamist, the legal issues are due to AA  “allegedly retaliating against employees who attempted to take paid sick leave.”

The Department of Consumer and Worker Protection discovered in an investigation that AA was assigning “disciplinary points” to ground crew employees for sick days they take.

The agency says that AA “failed to pay sick leave at the required rate, prevented employees from accessing accrued sick leave, and required advance notice and medical documentation in violation of the law.”

Employers are allowed to ask their employees for documentation only when three consecutive days of work are missed. The Paid Safe and Sick Leave Law also prevents employers from asking workers the reason why they took sick leave.

In a lawsuit, the city is looking for “$375,00 in restitution for more than 750 ground crew workers, including agents, representatives, fleet service and mechanical employees“.

Find out more about the lawsuit against American Airlines here.

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