Rip Off! Passenger Charged $250 For 7 Minute Uber Ride

UberUber rides can be pricey. Last year, four minor league baseball players took a $683 ride to meet up with their team. And, the cost of the longest Uber ride ever also wasn’t cheap.

There have also been many cases of pricey rides where the passenger was literally taken for a ride!

A drunk passenger was taken on a $150 Uber ride. This woman passed out and was taken on a $293 ride.

Recently, a passenger was “charged $250 for a 7 minute trip.”

What’s interesting about the story is that the man wasn’t even in the car while the cost of the ride kept increasing.

The man, Ian McHenry was traveling from London to Miami in early June. That evening be ordered an Uber ride to his hotel which should’ve cost $9.07. When he woke up the next morning, he got a big surprise… He was charged for his short seven- minute ride a very costly $252.05!

Here’s what happened.

After McHenry got out of the car, the driver then headed to Port St Licue which is 115 miles away. He then went back to the hotel, hours later and ended the trip associated with McHenry.

Uber would not refund the price at first  “and only agreed after he sent the company data from the Google Timeline feature on his phone that showed that he’d been in the hotel during the duration of the car’s journey up and down the coast.”

McHenry believes he was targeted due to being a tourist and also feels that the driver  “knew what he was doing.

Uber is refusing to refund the $13 bank fee McHenry received due to the pricey ride over-drawing his debit account.

The driver has been suspended and is being investigated.

Find out more from Fox News here.

4 thoughts on “Rip Off! Passenger Charged $250 For 7 Minute Uber Ride

  1. Funny that they accepted Google Timeline as evidence, since that can be manually adjusted however you please…

  2. I was overcharged by an uber driver in Orlando, he basically drew a cross country line on his map and doubled the cost. Uber were excellent and refunded me because it was impossible for the guy to actually drive where he had indicated he did, plus he would have broken the speed limit..

  3. I am shocked that anyone would use a debit card for Uber. There customer service is absolute sh!t. I’ve had a few issues over the years and their first reaction, no matter how valid the claim was, was to deny. Every single time.

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