Baseball Players Take $683 Uber Ride To Game

Uber Ride
image: Twitter @DJPeterson

Four Seattle Mariners minor league players didn’t want to wake up early for their team’s road trip to New Mexico. Rather than get up at 3:00am, they planned to catch a flight with American Airlines.

When the flight didn’t work out, they decided to take an extremely pricey Uber ride to meet up with their team. 

The players, Relief pitcher Mark Lowe, infielder D.J. Peterson, first baseman Dan Vogelbach and pitcher Pat Light took the seven-hour Uber ride from Phoenix, AZ to Albuquerque, NM.

They took the Uber ride to meet their team, the Tacoma Rainiers who had a Triple-A game on Monday night.

ESPN didn’t mention what happened with the American Airlines flight but the players weren’t happy.

Mark Lowe, a former major-leaguer mentioned on social media, “Crossed my fingers when I booked an @AmericanAir ticket to begin with. As, always they completely let me down again.”

DJ Peterson tweeted, “Thanks at @AmericanAir for making @DanielVogelbach and I do this last night“, when sharing Lowe’s message on Twitter.

The price of the Uber ride came to $683.52 which comes to $170.88 per person. I wonder if the AA flight was much cheaper. One things for sure, it had to be a bit more comfortable (and much faster) than sitting in a car for 7 hours!

Find out more from ESPN here.

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