Be Careful Taking Selfies: Couple Falls To Death During Vacation


Taking selfies can be quite the dangerous activity.

A few years back, I wrote about a boy who fell 1,640 feet off of a cliff and survived. A year later, a man destroyed a 126 year-old statue while taking a selfie. The country Croatia told visitors to stop taking stupid and dangerous selfies. A woman fell 60 feet off of a bridge taking a selfie.

The New York Post had a tragic story related to selfies.

While on vacation in Portugal, a couple fell 100 feet to their deaths while taking a selfie.

Australian Michael Kearns, 33 and his British girlfriend Louise Benson, 37, were standing on a wall overlooking the Praia dos Pescadores beach in Ericeira when their phone slipped.

The NY Post reports that, “Authorities think the pair reached out to grab the cellphone, lost their balance and fell 98 feet to the rocky beach below.”

Fishermen came across the couple who appeared to be sleeping on the beach. When they checked on the couple, they “discovered a horror scene, describing the couple’s bodies as shattered”.

A phone was found close to the wall which authorities believe belonged to the couple.

This isn’t the first time that tourists fell over the wall and locals have asked for some sort of security measures.

Find out more from the New York Post here.

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